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  We continue to supply maps that remain in print by mail with a postage surcharge. We do have mailing tubes so that can be ordered through usual methods. Drop us a postcard or letter with the items you are interested in. Our mailing address of P. O. Box 5, Arvada, CO 80001-0005 has been in operation since 1974.
     You can also ask at:   [email protected]
     We created this service to provice tourist shops with local Ghost Town maps AND continue to supply stores with them throughout Colorado.

     Rusty's Maps has published historical and reprint maps and posters since 1969.
The original printings of many of the maps from the 1969-77 period have sold out in multiple quantities to tourist dealers over the years. We have, however, some quantities of maps from these printings thta we still sell. Several of the maps were published in quantities that still have active life. The San Juan, Gunnison, several reprints maps and the Colorado Gold map all remain in print and sell throughout the West as well as dealers in Colorado.
The 1980 Gold map still remains in print as the 1990 reprint (5 M) is still IN PRINT and we sell them. This is a classic reference and the 1990 represents the second printing of 5,000.